Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tattoos meaning that of the female celebrity world

The couple David and Victoria Beckham share a love in many ways, including tattoos. Tattoos artist who drew on the skin that is also the same couple, Louis Molloy. He was immediately flown Manchester to 'paint' these lovebirds with new ink, when they moved around the state.Victoria has two tattoos dedicated to her husband of nine years, including David Beckham's initials on the inside of his left wrist.

Eva Longoria married life is close to the ideal. He looks happy household live with Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs player, who has a back number nine. Eva also makes a tattoo "nine" on the back of the neck. In addition to the tattoo, the player series "The Desperate Housewives" also has a tattoo on the inside of the wrist back and hands.

Back when Angelia Jolie is still in love with Billy Bob Thornton, he adorned his left arm with a tattoo that read "Billy Bob Thornton 'and pictures of snakes. Now, he replaced it with a unique tattoo shaped like a map, place of birth of his children. Namely, Cambodia (Maddox), Ethiopia (Zahara), Namibia (Shiloh), Vietnam (Pax) and two adopted children who most recently from France (Knox and Vivienne)
Tattoos meaning that of the female celebrity world. Tattooing is common for women the world of celebrities. Tattoos that adorn their flawless skin is not just a picture without a meaning. There is a special story behind the Tattoos of celebrities this.
There are still many other world selebrities women who have tattoos on both legs, hands or body. Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and other. they believed that the tattoo will look more sexy.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Types of Underwear

In terms of choosing a female Underwear, the convenience factor is the main thing that should be taken into consideration. Generally underwear made from cotton, lycra, spandex or polyester a top choice for women.
In addition, the size of the Underwear is also noteworthy. If it's too tight can-can cause irritation to the skin due to friction. Here are some Types of Underwear.

French Cut Brief. This model has a height below the navel and just above the waist. But the side down so it gives the impression of a slim.
G-string. These pants are the thinnest among the other types of Underwear. Suitable for use if the subordinate is wearing thin because of the back of the pants is just a form of a rope.

Hipster. This species is more sexy than type thing and is very comfortable in use. If you want to hide big hips form, these pants can be used as a solution.
Underwear has a sexy model like bikinis. Waist line (waistband) falls far below the navel or right in the hip. These models are usually very comfortable to be worn everyday as a pair of jeans that fall on the hip.

Boy-leg briefs
Waist line falls below the navel, right at the hips but the leg is longer reach the upper thigh. Cover all parts of the buttocks. This model is appropriate wear when you wear short skirts or tight pants / stretch, is also comfortable to wear for exercise.

Waist line fell right in line or slightly below the navel navel. Covered the buttocks, groin lines exceeded.
Control Brief
The model is almost similar to the brief, only on the front of the added material harder to 'suppress' the abdomen. Both models are usually brief is lingerie girls best friend for comfort and do not form a panty line.

Tanktop is also very important to have as your underwear. If you do not like the strappy, choose the form of a sleeveless shirt. However, having both is better.
So, pants in which you prefer ...

Shown With Sexy Lingerie

Underwear or Lingerie, for some women is a must-have item. Especially with the aim to please her husband in matters of sex. Although not a few also are embarrassed to wear it on the grounds that body size does not fit.

Regardless of the pros and cons, underwear believed to make a sexy woman's body. Underwear not only serves as a depth only. It turned out that lingerie has many types. Each type has its function and usefulness of each. One was to seduce your partner. You can choose one of these and wear your underwear in front of your spouse (read husband), your spouse will be guaranteed directly do 'anything' you want.

Teddy lingerie in the form of a short dress that falls just below the waist. Position the back just above the buttocks. Made of silk or other thin materials. You can curse underwear small type.
Bridal Set. This type is usually used of the bride and made ​​a set with a wedding dress.

Camisol. Designed strictly in accordance with the shape of the body that has a strap at the top.
Corset. Have a bone wire to form a silhouette of a slim woman's body in order to impress.
Bustier. Has a long bra over her belly and uses buttons to do. Impressed mischievous and can be worn without underwear.

2-Piece set. Consists of 2 pieces of the bra and panties separately. Very tempting. Suitable for those who have a slim body shape.
Garter Belt is underwear that has 4 pieces of rope that is connected to the front and rear legs. This rope serves to prevent the stockings do not go down.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Released, Holbrook Glasses Valentino Rossi

Want to look cool like a racer Valentino Rossi while competing on the circuit? Just wear goggles favorite Holbrook Glasses. Is Oakley, eye glass manufacturer from California, United States, which binds Rossi to be an ambassador of its products. No mention is how long the duration of their contract. "I chose to work with Oakley because they have ambitions, like me," commented Rossi about such cooperation, as reported by Globe Herald. "Views Holbrook is very lifestyle, young and very stylish," said Scott Bowers, SVP of Global Marketing and Brand Development Oakley.

Glasses Holbrook Rossi version would eventually be named V46 Signature Holbrook, in accordance with the insanity of one of Oakley eyewear, Holbrook.
Once towed Oakley, Valentino Rossi will adorn their ads aimed at Italian and Spanish markets. In two countries, Moto GP and Rossi is very popular.

After all, even though the season this year called Rossi's critics as decadence, he still championed as the holder of the 2011 season title. Solid action struck at the corner when the circuit is always awaited by the fans and all the worshipers of the two-wheeled racing around the world.

As he say, "My target is to finish on the podium, and then we'll see where everybody else is. "

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diamonds Jacks

Diamonds is forever, Diamonds are everlasting, Diamonds Jacks. However, how to choose a diamond so as not to be fooled by a fake? And how to care for diamonds that you have to remain immortal sheen?
Diamonds has a variety of shapes / model. Typically, diamond stones formed into a particular model depends on the form of the original stone. 10 shape pieces / model of diamonds are: Round, Marquise, pear, oval, emerald, princess, radiant, asscher, cushion, and heart.

Almost all diamonds have "birthmarks" or often called inclusions (inclusions). These birthmarks often invisible to the naked eye. When viewed with 10x magnification, this birthmark shaped dot / small cracks.
Do not store diamond naked (without packaging). Diamonds is a powerful stone. Daily use are usually not to damage the diamond. If you own a bit dull can be cleaned using warm water and liquid soap. "
If you do activities such as manicure, swimming, cooking, cleaning, washing diamond jewelry should be removed.

We recommend that diamond jewelry is released when you would apply lotion, sunscreen or spray hairspray, perfume for the color of your diamonds do not fade and change color.
Do not you periodically scouring every 6 months at a diamond store that provides this service.
Or, soak diamonds in a solution made of 1 cup of warm water and a quarter cup of ammonia for 20 minutes, brush gently with a toothbrush, fluffy down to the area between a rock and a skeleton, rinse with warm water, then dry with a soft cloth. If there are stains on your diamond ring, immediately wash with soap and water and soak for several minutes until last night.