Monday, May 2, 2011

Angelina Jolie contracted 86 billion by Louis Vuitton

Hollywood star's top film, Anglina Jolie contracted 86 billion by  Louis Vuitton in the fashion world with a new icon.As reported by the stylesist, Tourist cast in the film that will appear to be a model for print advertising as a photographer Annie Liebowitz. The plan, a global advertising campaign it will soon release this summer.

Jolie by joining the world's most popular label is a new surprise for the fashion industry, because Jolie as one of Hollywood's best actresses will show his face in a worldwide campaign for the first time. The campaign will be launched in summer 2011 is rumored to have spent a fee of $ 10 million just to pay for a life partner Brad Pitt.

After the reported release jewelry line called 'Style of Angelina Jolie'. Jolie released jewelery displays various precious stones, such as stone quartz, citrine, emerald and diamond. Angelina Jolie seems to want more in dabbling in the fashion world, a source told that Jolie will be paid with a fantastic price by Louis Vuitton. The actress who once UN ambassador reportedly will sign a contract with a value of nearly U.S. $ 10 million or approximately USD 86 billion.

With prices that high, Angelina wealth will certainly increase. However, it seems smart woman and mother of six children was only using her celebrity power to a noble purpose.