Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diamonds Jacks

Diamonds is forever, Diamonds are everlasting, Diamonds Jacks. However, how to choose a diamond so as not to be fooled by a fake? And how to care for diamonds that you have to remain immortal sheen?
Diamonds has a variety of shapes / model. Typically, diamond stones formed into a particular model depends on the form of the original stone. 10 shape pieces / model of diamonds are: Round, Marquise, pear, oval, emerald, princess, radiant, asscher, cushion, and heart.

Almost all diamonds have "birthmarks" or often called inclusions (inclusions). These birthmarks often invisible to the naked eye. When viewed with 10x magnification, this birthmark shaped dot / small cracks.
Do not store diamond naked (without packaging). Diamonds is a powerful stone. Daily use are usually not to damage the diamond. If you own a bit dull can be cleaned using warm water and liquid soap. "
If you do activities such as manicure, swimming, cooking, cleaning, washing diamond jewelry should be removed.

We recommend that diamond jewelry is released when you would apply lotion, sunscreen or spray hairspray, perfume for the color of your diamonds do not fade and change color.
Do not you periodically scouring every 6 months at a diamond store that provides this service.
Or, soak diamonds in a solution made of 1 cup of warm water and a quarter cup of ammonia for 20 minutes, brush gently with a toothbrush, fluffy down to the area between a rock and a skeleton, rinse with warm water, then dry with a soft cloth. If there are stains on your diamond ring, immediately wash with soap and water and soak for several minutes until last night.