Thursday, September 15, 2011

Released, Holbrook Glasses Valentino Rossi

Want to look cool like a racer Valentino Rossi while competing on the circuit? Just wear goggles favorite Holbrook Glasses. Is Oakley, eye glass manufacturer from California, United States, which binds Rossi to be an ambassador of its products. No mention is how long the duration of their contract. "I chose to work with Oakley because they have ambitions, like me," commented Rossi about such cooperation, as reported by Globe Herald. "Views Holbrook is very lifestyle, young and very stylish," said Scott Bowers, SVP of Global Marketing and Brand Development Oakley.

Glasses Holbrook Rossi version would eventually be named V46 Signature Holbrook, in accordance with the insanity of one of Oakley eyewear, Holbrook.
Once towed Oakley, Valentino Rossi will adorn their ads aimed at Italian and Spanish markets. In two countries, Moto GP and Rossi is very popular.

After all, even though the season this year called Rossi's critics as decadence, he still championed as the holder of the 2011 season title. Solid action struck at the corner when the circuit is always awaited by the fans and all the worshipers of the two-wheeled racing around the world.

As he say, "My target is to finish on the podium, and then we'll see where everybody else is. "