Friday, September 30, 2011

Types of Underwear

In terms of choosing a female Underwear, the convenience factor is the main thing that should be taken into consideration. Generally underwear made from cotton, lycra, spandex or polyester a top choice for women.
In addition, the size of the Underwear is also noteworthy. If it's too tight can-can cause irritation to the skin due to friction. Here are some Types of Underwear.

French Cut Brief. This model has a height below the navel and just above the waist. But the side down so it gives the impression of a slim.
G-string. These pants are the thinnest among the other types of Underwear. Suitable for use if the subordinate is wearing thin because of the back of the pants is just a form of a rope.

Hipster. This species is more sexy than type thing and is very comfortable in use. If you want to hide big hips form, these pants can be used as a solution.
Underwear has a sexy model like bikinis. Waist line (waistband) falls far below the navel or right in the hip. These models are usually very comfortable to be worn everyday as a pair of jeans that fall on the hip.

Boy-leg briefs
Waist line falls below the navel, right at the hips but the leg is longer reach the upper thigh. Cover all parts of the buttocks. This model is appropriate wear when you wear short skirts or tight pants / stretch, is also comfortable to wear for exercise.

Waist line fell right in line or slightly below the navel navel. Covered the buttocks, groin lines exceeded.
Control Brief
The model is almost similar to the brief, only on the front of the added material harder to 'suppress' the abdomen. Both models are usually brief is lingerie girls best friend for comfort and do not form a panty line.

Tanktop is also very important to have as your underwear. If you do not like the strappy, choose the form of a sleeveless shirt. However, having both is better.
So, pants in which you prefer ...