Saturday, April 23, 2011


Origin said the slippers were sandalion (Greek) which is absorbed into Latin (sandalium), French (sandale), and so on. Sandals footwear originated from the Greek and Romans. At that time, soles made ​​of cork, while the cover is made of leather held together with the base by way of stitching. Section was left open toe, and comes with a belt or rope so as not to be separated from the foot of the user. In development, the Catholic chaplain wearing socks with sandals called embroidery.The first man-made sandals from Greek-sandals were made ​​of wood and papyrus leaves. To print the soles of sandals, they print the shape of the foot on the sand beach.

After the era of Egypt, the second generation slippers belong to Greece. The model is tailored to the activities they do, such as for sightseeing, parties, or used at home. Sandals for the Greeks also reflect the status and social class of the wearer.
In 1868-1912, sandals began to flourish in Japan. Generally in Japan, people used to use footwear before entering the house. They use as a protective sandals foot and to maintain cleanliness in the house.

Now, the sandals are used not only as footwear to protect feet from hard objects or debris. Sandals has now become part of a fashion trend in which many sandals are made ​​with a variety of motifs and materials tailored to the current mode.