Friday, September 30, 2011

Shown With Sexy Lingerie

Underwear or Lingerie, for some women is a must-have item. Especially with the aim to please her husband in matters of sex. Although not a few also are embarrassed to wear it on the grounds that body size does not fit.

Regardless of the pros and cons, underwear believed to make a sexy woman's body. Underwear not only serves as a depth only. It turned out that lingerie has many types. Each type has its function and usefulness of each. One was to seduce your partner. You can choose one of these and wear your underwear in front of your spouse (read husband), your spouse will be guaranteed directly do 'anything' you want.

Teddy lingerie in the form of a short dress that falls just below the waist. Position the back just above the buttocks. Made of silk or other thin materials. You can curse underwear small type.
Bridal Set. This type is usually used of the bride and made ​​a set with a wedding dress.

Camisol. Designed strictly in accordance with the shape of the body that has a strap at the top.
Corset. Have a bone wire to form a silhouette of a slim woman's body in order to impress.
Bustier. Has a long bra over her belly and uses buttons to do. Impressed mischievous and can be worn without underwear.

2-Piece set. Consists of 2 pieces of the bra and panties separately. Very tempting. Suitable for those who have a slim body shape.
Garter Belt is underwear that has 4 pieces of rope that is connected to the front and rear legs. This rope serves to prevent the stockings do not go down.