Friday, October 15, 2010


The fashion world there was no death. Just as technology, every second we can feel the beating pulse stream from the world of fashion and of course many of us that often become victims of fashion trends of today. Sounds interesting, but unfortunately it is not all people get the opportunity.
Anyone can now become a fashion stylist, where you can forge the design matching outfits for a model, of course it is arguably easier to bother. But of course everyone has their own tastes that make him love an own style. There is a happy person to be followers of course, but there are also private who wants to create his own style.

I'll give some tips for you in fashion:
Use something fit, Look yourself in the mirror, are you using That one size bigger you tee Bought on sale, or you just do not care Because that's all you have on top of your drawer?
Shop smart: Mix & Match, By now maybe you already whine on how to shop more Because you simply do not have the budget. Well, I did not have much budget on fashion either. I do mix and match.
Be different, the intention is that regardless of the fashion mainstream commercial fashion. People notice it IMMEDIATELY. Just Bought something That is not the same from other people. Throw Away That standard black trousers. Everybody are wearing Them.
Be confident, you have to trust yourself and be confident on wearing what you choose for today. The key is feeling good. If any of outfit you choose make you uncomfortable, change it IMMEDIATELY and never wear it again. Because it will never make you feel good anyway. That you just forgot it ever make you feels bad.