Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown Designed Sarah Burton

London - After months of anonymity, the identity of the bridal fashion designers Kate Middleton finally opened. The designer was Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen.
Kate dress made from silk and satin with ivory color. The dress is handmade lace.
Buckingham Palace announced that when she entered Westminster Abbey, on Friday (04/29/2011), to start a wedding blessing ceremony.
"Miss Middleton wants her dress is a combination of tradition and modernity with an artistic vision that characterizes the work of Alexander McQueen," the court said in a statement. "Miss Middleton worked with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress."
She succeeded not only in maintaining the confidentiality of the model her clothes, but also the identity of the designer. That's very impressive, considering that every details of her marriage followed closely by the global media circles. Bride's daughter is not just hide from the public details of her dress, she even keep it a secret from her future husband. Prince William finally saw the dress, after many guests to the wedding to see it.

Kate tries to keep her dress for Prince William not peek until she met with the prospective heir to the British throne on the altar. Previously circulated rumors that Kate plays roulet wedding dress, with clothes for three days to prepare it. Two garments become supporters, in case number one clothing leaked to the press. According to another report, he has made his own dress.

The mystery surrounding the designer becomes the source of everything from guessing game for fans of fashion until the professional betting market. Bruce Oldfield is the main candidate. He designed clothes for Princess Diana, the late mother of William, and create a dress for Queen Rania of Jordan.
Sarah Burton mentioned as a favorite designer to make clothes. Women's designer was creative director at Alexander McQueen's trademark. Sarah Burton took over the position from the previous designer - who committed suicide last year.
Full lace gown was designed by combining corset and skirt that made the hand by The Royal School of Needlework. Making lace themselves using the popular technique of Irish heritage in the 20s.

The dress is made of ivory satin and white. Inflate with the perfect skirt for detail arches and pleats. Sarah Burton adds a modern wedding dress tail fit along 2.7 meters. Narrowed waist bodice adorned with 58 buttons that are covered by organza material.

Materials used for this dress is French Chantilly lace combined with Home Cluny lace. Kate was also seen using a veil and tiara to complement her appearance. Veil is made of soft layers of silk tulle with flower embroidery hand made by The Royal School of Needlework.

Kate made tiara worn by Cartier in 1936 and has been bought by the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth after use. Then, who used her earrings designed by Robinson Pelham  shaped leaves that enthroned it a pear-shaped diamond. There are diamond-shaped grains acorns placed at the center.

This earring design is used to improve the tiara. Earing are given by the family of Kate Middleton as a wedding gift. Perfecting her appearance, she uses a pair of shoes that made the hand by a team from Alexander McQueen. The shoes are also made using white satin with ivory.