Saturday, April 16, 2011


Really good stylists are able to reproduce hairstyles from photos to the clients own hair. The decision to visit a salon really depends on the individual and circumstance but everyone should visit a salon for hairstyles consultation once in a while.

A person who is more into punk will desire wilder hairstyles to match where as a lawyer may have a more maintained hairstyle. Facial shapes also warrant diverse hairstyles. Additional textures like choppy and sleek add variation to hairstyles. Color is one of the best ways to change hairstyles for totally different remakes. The possible hair colors; red, blond, brunette, and dark all have deviating shades that generate unique looks even with similar hairstyles.

Styling hair without heat protecting products or styling too often using blow dry and flat irons can also lead to dry hair. The length of hair can produce varying hairstyles and is an integral part of any hairstyle. Changing hair length is a big step because hair grows out very slowly but can become a refreshing hairstyle update.
How our hair is cut, colored or styled, telegraphs to the world our sexual aggression's, insecurities, confidence and personal feelings.If our genitalia is a primary sexual object, then hair is a secondary sexual object.     Some societies recognize the sexual allure of hair and for this reason have laws or customs requiring the covering or removal of hair. Long hair an indicator of fertility and availability, and short hair as independent and forceful. The thinning of female hair implies loss of sexuality and femininity.  Male hair is symbolic of virility and strength. We not only love hair and covet the hair of those that are blessed, we often shun and avoid those with hair lesser than our own and view ourselves as superior as we use our hair to attract, flaunt, and seduce.