Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tips Choosing Clothes

These Tips Choosing Clothes start with studying the shape of your body. Where a prominent part of which is the center of attention from the troubled areas in your body so you look slim. For example, avoid wide belts that are too big and too big if your waist. Or if you have women beautiful legs and sexy, wear knee-length skirt with a simple shirt or tight clothes so that attention could be focused on your feet.

To have a big body on top, always avoid the shiny fabric in the area above. You should use a darker color. Wear tops with big sleeves or loose-fitting tops that will fall down to cover the hips and waist. You can use materials such as cotton. One way to look slimmer is to wear one type of color. This will help you arrange the overall silhouette.
Adjust the color of clothing with the time and place. Dark colors for formal events, while bright colors for informal events.

Customize the colors to the character. If you want to highlight the nature of the feminine, wear clothes made rather than pastels. Conversely, if you want to attract the attention of busy, choose a light-colored clothing.
Do not use colored clothing that is too counter to the skin. For example, you were black and wearing a pink dress light. Your appearance will look lopsided and looks stupid! In addition, you also should not be wearing accessories from head to foot in the colors not matching the color of the clothes worn.

For those who have a body containing bodies try to wear long pants that can give the illusion of a higher body by wearing long pants cut 'wide-leg' and have 'details' such as vertical stripes. Conversely, avoid tight pants that intersect. To hide the hips that contains also choose long pants thats have cut full-cut (wide starting from the groin to the tip pants) and long pants to avoid intersecting 'baggy' or a taper in the tip portion.

For those of you who have the back filled out, please do not hesitate to choose a full-cut pants length. In addition, you also can hide the form back to wearing pants pocket in the back. End of all, to which belong in a collection of individuals who are not waisted (boy's figure), choose long pants cut straight to the pocket on the side portion. Do not occasionally wear long pants tight or contracted at the end.

Wearing loose clothes all the time is not the correct way to look slim. Instead, choose clothing that fits in the body fall. Avoid using the clothes with smaller sizes, which are smaller than their usual size. It just makes you look silly.